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Participating Towns

Participating Towns

It is our goal to have Assessing Departments work in their respective communities & expand the “Thanks for Giving” food drive across the

State each November on Election Day to benefit their town’s local pantry.

Several Towns have already committed to participate

this year on Nov. 3rd, 2020!

Participating Towns

  • Camden

  • Gray

  • Lyman

  • Rockland

  • Rockport

  • Scarborough

  • South Berwick

  • South Portland

  • Standish

  • And more to come...

(Camden & Rockport)

(South Berwick)

Still unsure about Participating?​


Check out this first-hand Reflection

On one Community's Experience

"Our Thanks For Giving Experience"

(Camden & Rockport)

We hope you will join us in this food drive effort. 

Contact us to add your Town to our list.

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