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How-To Advice



Talk with Clerks & Town Manager

Start with a conversation with the City/Town Clerks to address concerns that the food drive does not interfere with voter activities. We will want to place posters on town related bulletin boards or upload related information on the town website so it will be prudent to have the Town Manager on board.
Depending upon the Clerk’s concerns, the collection point may need to be outside the building on the lawn or in the parking lot.



Connect with local Food Pantry

-> Coordination of volunteers

Many hands make light work, so it will be important to get support from the local food pantry and any other groups willing to lend a helping hand.  

Whether the collection location is in the parking lot or an indoor space, folks will need to set up posters and be available to monitor and collect food items and cash donations.



Get the word out

Place posters on the bulletin boards at your Town Hall, Community Center and Library. Contact the local newspaper and request to publish an article. If your town allows local groups to post information on their website, contact whoever sets that up. You may be able to tap into Social media activities of other local groups such as a land trust or friends of the Library. Posters can be placed at other public bulletin boards, local stores or shopping centers and information should be available in or around town offices especially in time to catch Absentee Voters. Speak with other organizations whose members are civic minded and have expressed interest in helping. Don’t limit your discussions with just members of the food pantry.





What to do with donations

There are lots of options for a collection site. A covered tent area, van, trailer or pickup truck in or near parking for the polls. Some communities may have an interior space that would not interfere with the voting. Place posters to help folks, entering and leaving the polls, find the collection site.


Have a delivery plan for after the polls close. Don’t be surprised if people continue to bring in food items and donations after election day.

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