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Get Involved

Bringing together good people & good causes

helps to strengthen our communities.

Ready to lend a hand?

Here are some ideas...


* Contact Your Local Assessors Office

  ~ Express Interest in Helping Your Town Participate

* Contact us at "Thanks For Giving"

  ~ We're Happy to provide support and advice 

Spread the Word

* Help Publicize Your Community's Food Drive

* Check out the "Thanks for Giving" page on Facebook

* Direct traffic to our Website and Social Media page


* Help with Event Publicity, Set-up, & Collection of Donations

* Volunteer at the Polls on Election Day this November 3rd​


* Bring non-perishable food items or cash donations

  to the polls on Election Day this November 3rd

  in your local participating community

* Help support the state-wide "Thanks for Giving" efforts

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