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Our Goal

It is our goal to have Assessing Departments work in their respective communities and expand the “Thanks for Giving” food drive across the State each November on Election Day to benefit their town’s local pantry.

This allows the citizens an opportunity to get involved and help their
community. This is beneficial to local and/or regional food pantries and positive PR for Assessing Departments.


The idea is to make it a universal “Thanks for Giving” theme, making it

more recognizable and easier to promote. The more communities that

get involved, the more successful the drive becomes and the easier it is for future growth.


This website will provide "How-to" advice and promo materials to help get you started. You will be hearing more about this effort at Assessor meetings and through social media and news articles. Your involvement would begin with a conversation with the City/Town Clerks and your local or
regional food pantry.


We hope you will join us in this food drive effort. Please feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions to help promote this endeavor.

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