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What We Do

"Thanks for Giving" is a food drive initiative organized by Maine Assessors, occurring annually on Election Day each November. 


The "Thanks for Giving" food drive was started by the late Gina Merry, Assessor for the Town of Lyman, and the town has continued the drive in her honor with great success.  Gina's husband, Joe Merry, has worked with fellow Assessors, including Kerry Leichtman, Craig Skelton, Jim Thomas, and Nick Cloutier to expand the program, encouraging more Assessing Departments to participate in their local communities.


Just as Gina did in Lyman, we coordinate with our local food pantries, organize volunteers and ask the community to bring non-perishable food items or to make cash donations when they came to the polls on Election Day in November or in the preceding weeks, when absentee voting.

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